• What is North Camden Zone?


    Our Mission

    A third of children in North Camden are living in poverty. We want to improve the life outcomes for all children and young people growing up in North Camden. We will optimise the conditions for citizens and professionals to achieve systems change and co-create a better future for the current and the next generation.



    Our Aim

    We want to build a movement of people that live, work and play, who are passionate about wanting to improve the lives of children in Camden, and have a shared vision and purpose to create sustainable change in North Camden. We want to build an active network of changemakers who want to work together differently.




    Our Approach

    Our work will be underpinned by systems change theory.


    Poverty is a complex social problem that requires a radically different way of working. In order to understand and achieve change we need to look at the whole picture.

    We need to understand how the systems are organised and interconnected.


    There are many services, agencies and organisations working with and for children, young people and families in Camden doing valuable work and delivering positive outcomes. However, the way the system is structured is perpetuating economic inequality, poorer life outcomes and fewer opportunities for some of the children, young people and families living in Camden.


    In order to improve the life chances of all children, young people and families, community members and professionals need to commit to taking collective responsibility and action to enable positive change. We need to take a step back, listen to the community, understand what needs to be improved, identify where intervention is most needed and better align how we all work together as a whole system.


    Children, young people and families are also actors within the system who need to be at the centre of how we understand and co-design new ways of working. They are the experts with lived experience.


    North Camden Zone uses an asset based community development approach. We support communities to release their potential, engage in social action and support one another. We will also work with partner organisations to broker their support and unlock the physical and resource assets in the Camden to benefit the community, and support local innovation.

    Our Principles

    We will test new hypothesis and ways of working where we will foster creativity and innovation. We will

    use an agile approach to test, review and iterate interventions.

    Learning and reflection is an integral part of the project. We are committed to sharing our learning.

    We will not deliver front-line services but will work with the existing communities and organisations surrounding children, young people and families in North Camden

    Our Story

    Our Team

    Esther Norman

    Programme Director

    I cut my teeth in the voluntary sector as a community development worker

    in a deprived East Manchester borough. I have since managed front-line

    services including a national end of life care rights programme, ran services for families with complex needs and FE provision for young people with learning difficulties and managed a health and social care watchdog.


    I am passionate about giving citizens the tools and the power to create meaningful changes in their own communities and to reduce inequalities in society by whatever means. I jumped at the chance to be involved with the North Camden Zone because I felt frustrated by passively accepting that the systemic challenges were just the status quo. North Camden Zone presents an exciting opportunity to pose a challenge and try something different.


    Interesting fact: I am a proud Bristolian that used to be the Avon (before it was disbanded) under 13s table tennis champion!

    Madalina Piscu

    Project Worker


    I am an International Relations and Politics graduate from the University of Sheffield and I have recently moved to London to join the North Camden Zone project! Throughout my studies I have been involved in multiple activities, the one that impacted me the most being the fact that I led the local branch of a charity for leadership development and youth empowerment.


    I have always been interested in being part of a purpose-driven organisation and having a tangible impact on the causes I am working on, this being the reason why I have decided being involved in the North Camden Zone project is the right thing for me. I am looking forward to being challenged, learning new skills and deepening my understanding of the place-based systems thinking approach.


    Interesting fact: Originally from Romania, I started a volunteering scheme at 16 with the only centre for women affected by domestic violence in my county.


    Steering Group


    The Steering group oversees and advises on the strategic direction of the North Camden Zone. Through collective decision making, it provides a pool of expertise advice and support across all areas.

    Relationship to the Winch

    The North Camden Zone was incubated and is currently hosted by the charity The Winch. Ultimately the Winch Board of Trustees is legally responsible for the actions of the North Camden Zone. The Winch Board of Trustees is currently chaired by Srabani Sen OBE. Operational leadership is delegated by the Board to Rashid Iqbal, Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team. Therefore the North Camden Zone Steering Group members are not legally liable or responsible for the North Camden Zone

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