• North Camden Community Action Initiative

    North Camden Community Action Initiative will test, develop, and scale a community-led, systems change approach. We will work with residents to define, lead and work towards the change that they want to see to improve the Estates where they live and the wider system(s).


    Our ambition is to catalyse civil society, applying an asset-based approach, rooted in the values of equality, mutual recognition and reciprocity.


    We will also work with other actors in the system including civil society organisations, statutory sector partners and businesses. We will start with the priorities of the resident-driven manifestos, broker the involvement o partners, and identify how each can contribute individually and collectively to support the community's goals.

    Our aims

    Build stronger neighbourhoods.

    Increase levels of active citizenship.

    Improve the conditions that enable resident led systems-change.

    Our Systems Change Model

    We will work on a hyper local level on three estates in North Camden- the Chalcots Estate, Hilgrove Estate and Harben and Harrold estate and bring them together.

    Our systems change model is built on the things we've learned from using a systems change approach in North Camden for the last three years. This approach will be iterated and used in each of the estates we work on. The model has four steps:

    1. Understand the system

    We will recruit and train resident as Community Organisers to run activities, undertake primary research, develop an asset map and an estate manifesto.

    2. Act in the neighbourhood system

    We will run Hack days with residents and professionals around manifesto goals and generate ideas for change. We will prototype, test and embed successful interventions. We will set up estate level banks giving out micro-grants, run by residents.

    3. Act across the wider system

    We will bring the neighbourhoods together around one common cross- cutting systemic issue. We will seek to deepen our understanding, identify where to act and how to influence change.

    4. Share and scale our learning
    We will work in the open and maintain a shared a resource. We will publish playbooks of our successful interventions. We will share our learning about what has worked and what has not worked.

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