• Hilgrove Community Action

    Hilgrove Community Action is a new project for community-led change on the Hilgrove estate.

    Humans of Hilgrove

    The 'Humans of Hilgrove' exhibition is officially up!


    There are 17 boards currently up across the estate. Each board contains a portrait of a resident, along with excerpts from an interview, and a QR code which leads to the full interview and additional photos, available on the Humans of Hilgrove website. At the bottom of each board there is also a hidden word, which add up to make a seasonal poem! Visit the Humans of Hilgrove website to download a flyer to complete the poem hunt!

    Hilgrove residents, let's chat!

    Our Hilgrove Community organisers, who are also residents, would like to sit down with you for a conversation about your experience of living on the estate, and the community there. We will be using this information to understand how we can make Hilgrove a great place to live and grow up!


    The conversations with the community organisers will be 30 to 45min long and there you will get the chance to tell us more about yourself, your experience of living on Hilgrove and the community on the estate. We would like to hear from people from all walks of life!


    Once you sign up, one of the Community Organisers will be in touch to arrange a time for the chat. During the lockdown period, all conversations will happen remotely (via Zoom or phone).


    Deadline to sign up is Monday, 16th November.

    Introducing the Hilgrove Community Organisers

    Hilgrove Community Action is a new project where residents will be supported to make the changes they would like to see on the estate. Residents' voices are at the heart of this project. Hilgrove Community Organisers work alongside residents on ideas to make the estate a great place to live and grow up.

    Hilgrove has been home to me for the last 26 years and I have really enjoyed living in such a vibrant community.


    Having this opportunity during lockdown has been inspiring and exciting. I would like to use my experience within mental health / adult social care to gain insight of the communities’ needs, advocate and empower residents on what matters to them.


    I'm Leo, one of your Community Organizers on Hilgrove estate. I have lived here since 2014 and I think our estate is a great place to live, and together we can make it a fantastic one!


    I have embarked on this journey with North Camden Zone to bring about positive change in our community and to inspire more people to collaborate in shaping our estate the way we want it to look.


    So let's get to know each other better, let's be outspoken about our ideas and if you spot me around the estate, do say hi!


    Hello Hilgrove Estate! My name is Sharon, and I’m excited to be one of your Community Organisers. I’ve lived on the Hilgrove Estate for 12 years and love our green spaces. During lockdown, you could often find me pottering around my building’s communal garden.


    The Community Organisers are here to help support everyone living in Hilgrove. All of us live on the estate, and we’re all committed to strengthening our community. If there’s something on your mind about life here, we want to hear about it.


    I’m looking forward to meeting more of my neighbors and learning about their experiences living on the estate. There’s a lot to celebrate about our community, and I hope our work will make Hilgrove feel more like home for everyone.



    Hi! I'm Kaamila, and I have lived in Hilgrove for 15 years.


    My goal as a Community Organiser is to empower people with the aim of increasing the influence of underrepresented groups, in policies and decision making affecting their lives.


    I hope to learn how to research effectively and find out what the community really cares about. I am passionate about bringing about positive change, whether it be on a larger or smaller scale



    I'm Anaghaa, your Community Organiser. I'm just over a year in this community but it has felt like home right since day one.

    I vividly recall reading about the opportunity to become a Community Organiser and literally jumping with excitement. I already had ideas and plans for making this community an amazing place, a community people will strive to emulate.


    As an educator, my 'why' for taking up this role was quite straightforward – I want to make a difference in the lives of children and young people. I look forward to learning more about their needs, ambitions and how our community can be their strong support system.


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